Professional Speaking


"The Importance of After Action Reviews for Any Organization" 

When we’re finished, the audience will be able to better understand the importance of after-action reviews and how they can help make their projects more successful. They'll also learn what happens behind closed doors at companies who don't conduct them as often or know that it's crucial for future success!  AAR’s take time... but these workshops show why we need them: because without conducting thorough postmortems on ourselves, our teams, or our projects, we’re destined to repeat the same mistakes again and again, not achieving or exceeding desired results.


"PEDL Leadership Strategy: Participate, Engage, Discuss, & Learn" 

The PEDL leadership strategies are built to drive organizational success and align teams with their core values. But what does this look like in practice? This talk will give you insight into Bo's experience by sharing examples of how any organization can implement these powerful but simple tactics for change that are based on real experiences from the battlefield to the White House, and to Corporations around the globe. PEDL is meant to inspire action and elicit desired behaviors, so that you can drive alignment between your personal values & those of the company. Bo will share how any team could use PEDL leadership strategies for them all to succeed together! Not just theory but practical solutions tested across industries.


"What we can learn about culture from the biggest company in the World"

It's no secret that the U.S Army has over 2 million people on active duty, in the reserve forces, and civilian workforce across the world today. But what does it take for every one of them follow one set of Army values? I’ve identified a "Values Based Results" framework which ANY company can use regardless if they're large or small - from top management down through every employee in the company – and still maintain their individuality at the same time. What is values based leadership, where to start, how to establish desired behaviors, and build momentum.  


"Execute with Precision: From the Battlefield to the White House to the Boardroom"

My experience as a former US Army Chief Warrant Officer and Presidential Communications Officer, coupled with the discipline he learned in combat has made him an expert on taking any project from idea phase all the way through implementation and beyond. My drive to execute is what sets me apart, no matter how large or small your business may be! My projects have spanned many industries from military, healthcare, & government contracting. To learn how to put any plan into motion through finding your daily Battle Rhythm of extreme accountability, strong leadership & teamwork - I will share my experience to simply help others be better, know better, and do better. 


"Be the best at what you do"

It is not just the outcome that matters. It's how you get there, your attitude and effort throughout all stages of a project or endeavor which distinguish one individual from another in today’s competitive environment. Always strive for the best. You never know what opportunities will come your way if you put in that extra effort and focus on making yourself better, even when it seems impossible!


"Never Give Up or Give In… The Future Is Yours"

Though it seems like the future will never come, don't give up. What we can't see today may appear tomorrow or next week or next year, and who knows what's around the corner? I know firsthand how I felt when I was teenager battling hopelessness and being bullied. I saw no light at the end of the tunnel, but through that battle I built resiliency and came to learn that time heals. Time is the one thing that doesn’t stop and changing circumstances are inevitable.

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"Bo Brabo ranks among the premiere speakers that I have ever seen. He has an extraordinary gift. He impacts lives daily. I admire him. I respect him I offer my highest endorsement"... Bruce Merrin of Bruce Merrin Celebrity Speakers

"Wonderful webcast! Great Information!! Communicate, communicate, communicate, communicate. Assess, design, develop, implement, then continuously evaluate benefits program"... Amanda Menin on Benefits Strategy live stream