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The culture of your company, organization, department, or team is the most important thing to consider when making positive change. ​​​​​​​If you don't have a plan for changing the culture then all your efforts will be in vain. You need to know where the toxic behaviors are coming from and why they exist before you can make any changes that will stick. *This is an HRCI & SHRM approved continuing education event.

  • Date: 06/17/2021 12:00
  • Location: Online Event

Price: $49.00


  • The first step is to understand what it is that you want.
    What kind of culture do you desire? Is it toxic? Where does it go from there? This webinar will help guide you on how to make positive change in your company's culture.

  • You can't have a healthy and productive workplace without a healthy and productive culture.

    It starts with understanding what kind of environment you'd like for your employees to work in - one where they feel safe and respected or one where they're constantly being harassed by their boss.

  • Leadership development is the process of developing people into leaders.

    It’s about identifying, acquiring, and applying knowledge, skills and abilities in order to achieve a desired outcome. It’s about creating a culture that reflects your values and vision for the future. And it's not just for CEO's or Managers. Leadership development is an opportunity for everyone who wants more responsibility and influence at work.