20 Feb

From the Battlefield, to the White House, to the Boardroom… Leading Organizations to Values-Based Results is a culmination of my 30+ years “on the job”. It really started when I was about 12 years old and started learning how to hustle working side jobs with my dad roofing houses on the weekends. He had a full-time job in the trades at the University of Michigan, but also put his skills to work on the side. That’s the hustle. The work ethic instilled in me at a young age that still drives me today.

I set out to write this book for several reasons, but most of all it was to create a product that others could use to help themselves, their teams, their departments, or their organizations DO better. It’s all about taking actions that are routed in a set of strong core values to achieve desired results. Personal behaviors (i.e. how we act every day) at home and at work define our personal values. We must take note of them, understand them, and in doing so, understand who we really are as individuals. They tell us what we find important in life. Now here’s the key, linking our personal values with organizational values to truly find the right fit or vice versa. Just as important, is aligning organizational values to strategy and having a leadership team that demonstrates the behaviors indicative of such values and motivates others to behave the same. That’s a winning combination every time!

I wanted to share stories that showed what it takes to get through tough times, tough challenges, perform in austere environments, as well as those environments wherein my teams were simply expected to perform with zero defects. Serving as a Presidential Communications Officer for both President’s Bush and Obama, where excellence was the standard, meant having a strong values-based leadership foundation. Though our political landscape is so incredibly polarizing these days, our mission had to live above the controversy, outside the political fray, and deliver without fail to ensure the President of the United States (regardless of who that was or what political party they belong to) to do his job as Chief Executive, Head of State, and Commander-in-Chief.

From the Battlefield to the White House delivers lessons to be learned for the Boardroom… aka – Corporate America. When the $160B leadership development industry in the US is failing to produce results, what are corporations to do? My answer, focus on the basics to build a solid foundation to lean on. Demonstrate that you CARE about your people first and foremost. Exercise the most important aspect of communication… Listening! Be selfless. There’s no time or place for narcissism. And each day, strive to do a little better than you did the day before.

I pray this book reaches millions of readers around the globe. I dream big, set big goals, and I shoot for the stars. But in the end, if this book gives just one person the motivation and know how to go out and DO better, it was a success. 

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