22 Mar

At the end of my new book "From the Battlefield to the White House to the Boardroom...Leading Organizations to Values Based Results", I leave readers with a final thought based on the analogy of riding a bicycle. Here it goes. Never stop peddling to move forward. Keep in mind, you can stop peddling and coast for a while, but eventually the bike will stop and you'll fall over. The same holds true in the workplace, at home, at church, or any formal or informal organization you're part of. So you have to PEDL (pronounced peddle). Participate, Engage, Discuss, and Learn.

PEDL is meant to invoke action, to elicit desired behaviors, and drive alignment between personal and organizational core values. Unless we PEDL, we coast and crash!

Participate - take part in or be a part of. Bottom line here is you have to show up. Show up to work. Show up to the meeting. Show up to class. Show up to the video conference with the video actually "turned on" (new meaning in our current COVID-19 mass teleworking world). Get it?

Engage - to be involved. Showing up prepared. Having notes or questions prepped for the meeting before it starts. Making sure your team has the resources they need to be successful in their roles. Sharing an agenda and read-ahead with your team in advance of meeting with them. Very importantly, understanding how your organization works and where you and/or your team fits in.

Discuss - talk, debate, and write. You showed up, you're prepped, and now you have to provide your input. We all have a voice and something to say. If you're uncomfortable speaking in front of groups, write it and share it. Ask others questions and seek clarification if you need further understanding. If you have a teammate that's the quiet type, ask them their opinion in a respectful manner. When you're in charge, encourage and inspire your team to share their ideas. You never know where the next big thing will come from!

Learn - if we're participating, engaging, and discussing, we're learning along the way. Take time to conduct after action reviews (AAR's). In general, what's going right, what's going wrong, and finding solutions for improvement are the basis of AAR's, which provide for a rich learning environment. Process improvement, product enhancements, rewards and recognition, are all highly probably outcomes of well run AAR's across an organization.

There you have it. Concise and to the point. PEDL consistently and get to your destination in tip-top shape, then set a new destination and PEDL again!

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